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Christ Institute of Management curriculum is constantly updated to meet the dynamic needs of industry and academia. This provides an opportunity to continuously engage in innovating curricula by envisaging current and emerging challenges and opportunities in the business environment. To incorporate the contemporary academic and practice concepts, the curriculum design and delivery process is dynamic in nature.

The first year for all 2 year PGDM Programme(s) commences in July every year continuing to May in the following year. In the third week of May, students go for internship and they join back in third week of July for the second academic year. The courses offered in the first year, divided into three trimesters, are compulsory for all the students. In the second year, divided into three trimesters, all students undertake compulsory core courses and opt for specialization courses according to different areas of specialization.

The specialization courses have been streamlined to address the overlap in content with existing courses and to keep alacrity with the contemporary practices. To meet the industry requirements of cross functional expertise, the institute has identified the following three broad tracks of specializations. Christ Institute of Managemen toffers following 2 years PGDM full time programme with a combination of electives:


At the end of the third trimester, each student undertakes a Summer Internship Project (SIP) for 8 weeks with a company. The training program prepares young minds for challenging managerial opportunities of the 21st century with a global awareness rooted in the Indian soil, nourished by the wisdom of the great management gurus.

As part of teaching methodologies, we incorporate corporate lectures, simulations, case studies, live projects, role plays, group activities etc



The Finance and Control Group provides teaching and research in the areas of Accounting and Control, and Corporate Finance. The courses offered include basic courses in financial and management accounting and banking and insurance in the first year. The optional courses in the second year focus on financial derivatives, risk management, business valuation, and quantitative finance.

Faculty research in the area of Financial Accounting looks beyond the boundaries of traditional accounting. The primary research interests of the Group include work on contemporary issues in financial reporting, disclosure, and contracts using financial information.

Faculty research in the area of Control includes understanding the role of information and measurement systems for allocating resources among firms in the economy, and between departments or divisions of individual firms; measuring performance of business segments; executive compensation; understanding the profitability of suppliers, products, customers, distribution channels, and business units; and formulating, executing and evaluating strategy by firm managers.

Faculty research in the area of Finance includes the study of the theory and practice of corporate finance, and study of markets and institutions for financial assets. Its greater emphasis is on business fields and its focus is on the use of economic analysis and statistical methods in dealing effectively with management problems in these applied business fields


Human Resource

The PGDM in HRM or Human Resource Management is the two year post graduation degree program for a graduate which basically means the management of employees in organization. It involves the specialized training program in human resource management like planning strategies, recruitment, hiring of employees, and training of employees.

The curriculum designed by Christ Institute of Management for HRM is such that it provides students the best of opportunities and a launching pad for careers. At Christ Institute of Management, every student goes through a wide spectrum of experiences which include the Organization Structure Study, Outbound Training, Book Reviews, Business Competitions, Summer Internships, Industry visits, Current Affairs & Weekly Presentations and Dissertation.

Keeping in view the acknowledged importance of the discipline, the Human Resource Group offers a compulsory foundation course during the first year and several optional courses for the final year students. Course contents and teaching materials for all courses are constantly revised in tune with the emerging needs of the modern organizations.

Key Features of PGDM in HRM (Human Resource Management) 


  • This PGDM in HRM is a challenging and stimulating intensive course in management studies.
  • A course for those wanting to develop a management career in strategic human resources. 
  • Share and reflect upon your experiences alongside those of others in your multi-cultural 'Learning Team'. 
  • Provides you with a thorough grounding in Business HR Management via integrating the main functional     areas through the application of strategic HR management. 
  • Business skills of leadership, communication, ethics, teamwork and decision-making are the key focus areas






Scope in PGDM Marketing


  • If you intend to pursue general management careers, then PGDM in Marketing could be the best for you ?
  • If you are interested in the media and entertainment, research, advertising, promotions and sales field, as well as in management consulting ? 

This is a two year full time programme which is divided into 6 trimesters. Christ Institute of Management students will undergo foundational courses of management theory and concepts in the first year and would specialize in marketing in the three trimesters of second year. The objectives of this programme are to increase the knowledge and enhance the skills of those working in the field of marketing, advertising, public relations etc. The goal is to develop increased sophistication relative to marketing decisions, and prepare students to be life-long learners and successful professionals.


The purpose of an organization is to create and retain customers. This can ensure long term profitability and growth. Marketing is the business function which is directly charged with this strategic task of customer creation and customer retention.


Christ Institute of Management, through its bouquet of compulsory and optional courses continuously keep its offerings in tune with emerging market dynamics both in India and abroad. Stress is laid on developing sound conceptual base, honing decision making skills and taking reality checks on the class room inputs through live filed projects. A combination of full-time faculty and visiting faculty drawn from industry and business is deployed to deliver this pedagogy.



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